If you are fascinated by the  marine  sports, you can enjoy  them all in the organised beaches of Pieria, where all the essential means are expecting you for your service.

We would recommend you swimming, the  sea parachute, wind-surfing, the water skiing, jet ski, marine bicycle,  canoe, sailing and also incredible divings  in the bottom, with the help of experienced divers.

Most of the beaches are smooth and accessible in all ages and mainly for the children. They are rich in sand and are offered for  a lot of athletic activities and games in the sea and on the sand.

In order for you to live the experiences closely that are offered by the sports mentioned above, you have to appeal to the athletic associations and groups , in the specialised institutions, as well as the tourist agencies that organize them.


Leave the ground of the mythical Olympus, next to the church of Prophet Elias in Palaios Panteleimonas, in one of the biggest and most important corridors for take offs in Europe for the Plagia’s parachute and hand gliding, in order for  you to enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape above the mountains of Gods and Muses, the historical Monuments, the endless sandy coasts and deep blue Aegean.


Adventure and entertainment with intensity for driving in the woodland paths and exploration are offered ideally in Olympus, in Pieria, in the forests and in the mouth of Pierias’ rivers . They are simultaneously combined with the acquaintance and the contact with the enchanting nature, thanks to the sorties with vehicles for every kind of ground (Jeep Safari). Big variety of routes for experiences once in a lifetime that  you can find in Olympus and in Pieria Ori.


A fascinating sport that gives intense emotions, because it gets the one that practises  it in touch with the nature, training and strengthening the body and his mind.e

Live the unique satisfaction that is given to you with the conquest of the top of Pieria’s  mountains and the achievement of your objective in the heart of nature. Rock climbing fields can be found in Olympus and in Pieria Ori, as well as in the two artificial rock climbing tracks in the facilities of the Athletic Centre in Litochoro and S.E.O. of Katerini.






We are pleased to welcome you  to the absolute tourist destination which is situated close to Thermaikos.  The Olympos Beach camping is located  In the most enchanting location of Olympus  Riviera. At the foot of  Mountain Olympus, full of  pine scented too close to the sea and actually on the sea!!!!

Olympos Beach Camping is actually a heavenly destination that is advisable either for short trips  and get aways or for your long and multi days summer vacations.