Olympos’ Beach fast food has the same logo as the fish-tavern. On the one hand  fast but on the other hand, all products and meat are supplied by local producers.

The quality is the basic component of success. Ask for the handmade pizza of Olympos Beach which is prepared at that moment and is cooked in a cook made of stone with the traditional way that our grandfathers used to cook.



We are pleased to welcome you  to the absolute tourist destination which is situated close to Thermaikos.  The Olympos Beach camping is located  In the most enchanting location of Olympus  Riviera. At the foot of  Mountain Olympus, full of  pine scented too close to the sea and actually on the sea!!!!

Olympos Beach Camping is actually a heavenly destination that is advisable either for short trips  and get aways or for your long and multi days summer vacations.