The actual myth can come alive here.  The beach of Olympos Beach seems like it has popped up from a fairy tale.

White shingles welcome the visitors of our organised coast. From early the morning up to the first glare of the moon, numerous personnel is under of your best service in our deck chairs. Do not hesitate to ask for any cocktails or some dish from the fast food kitchen.

This year we have  also added oyzosnacks for our devotees visitors.  In the adjacent veranda you can enjoy playing  backgammon or chess or even board games that you wish for.



We are pleased to welcome you  to the absolute tourist destination which is situated close to Thermaikos.  The Olympos Beach camping is located  In the most enchanting location of Olympus  Riviera. At the foot of  Mountain Olympus, full of  pine scented too close to the sea and actually on the sea!!!!

Olympos Beach Camping is actually a heavenly destination that is advisable either for short trips  and get aways or for your long and multi days summer vacations.