Destinations for excursions and trips are the coasts and wetland of Alikes. In the same region, important archaeological places that worth to be visited is the neolithik settlement of Makrigialos, the neighbouring ancient  Pidna and the Byzantine episkopikal group in the location  “Louloudies”.

The diplacements are facilitated  by the coastal road axis of Olympic Coast - Korinos.  In the interior, it is worth for someone to  visit the Pieria Ori in order to admire their  natural beauty, the monuments and the natural settlements by following the national road of Katerini-Elassona and the collateral streets. 

In Elatochori, it is found an organised ski centre, with a central track of 2.300 metres, a roundabout of 4.800 metres and for beginners of 250 metres.

The archaeological location and the museum of  Dion constitutes  another popular point of visit. Southern Pieria carries  a lot of  historical monuments such as the archaeological place of ancient Libithron  and the Byzantine castle of Platamonas.

A common destination is  Meteora with a route that passes through the valley of Tempi. 

Plus  Pilio, Volos and from Volos after taking  a boat to Skiathos.

Heading to the north , the archaeological places of  Vergina and Pella are too close , while they are only 70 kilometres away from Thessaloniki.



We are pleased to welcome you  to the absolute tourist destination which is situated close to Thermaikos.  The Olympos Beach camping is located  In the most enchanting location of Olympus  Riviera. At the foot of  Mountain Olympus, full of  pine scented too close to the sea and actually on the sea!!!!

Olympos Beach Camping is actually a heavenly destination that is advisable either for short trips  and get aways or for your long and multi days summer vacations.